Stove 2.0.0 Beta

Ohai Chefs,

I’ve been hard at work on getting Stove 2.0 out to the door. I originally had a Christmas deadline, but that came an past…

I’m happy to announce the Stove 2.0 beta is on Rubygems and you can install it with the --pre flag:

gem install stove --pre
Stove is a command line application for managing cookbook release cycles. I built version 1.0 when I was working on the COOK project and Chef uses it internally to release cookbooks to the community site, close JIRA issues, publish GitHub artifacts, and more.

If you’ve every released a Ruby gem, Stove is rake release on steroids -

Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite with an entirely new approach. Complete with an internal logger than makes debugging a breeze, filters, skippable actions, and pre-execution validations.

Notable changes:

Validations - nothing is run if the entire run won’t succeed
Filters - Git, GitHub, and JIRA and now “filters” and they hook into actions
Action - notable checkpoints in a release process. Filters (aka plugins) can attach to these checkpoints
Speed improvements
GH enterprise support
Personal JIRA support (although you’ll need to have the exact same structure as Chef’s JIRA for now)
The full changelog is available on GitHub and I look forward to feedback :slight_smile:

Happy cookbooking! .

Seth Vargo
Release Engineer, Opscode