Stove 6.0 Released

Hey Everyone,

Stove version 6.0 has been pushed up to Rubygems. Despite the major version bump this release doesn’t come with much in the way of breaking changes for most users. There are however some greatly improved error messages to help you out if things go wrong. No more errors referencing the Opscode Community site!

Breaking Changes

  • All references to the Community site have been renamed to Supermarket. This includes the name of the community plugin and all Community classes references within the code. This should not be a breaking change unless your developing against stove as a library.
  • The long ago deprecated bake command has been removed.

Other Changes

  • Git tagging errors now include more useful error messaging.
  • The help command now better describes --no-git and --endpoint flags.
  • For developers running stove from the git repository, the application now properly loads stove from the repository instead of from an installed gem.