Test Kitchen 1.19.0 Released

We’re happy to announce the release of Test Kitchen 1.19! This includes a lot of quality-of-life improvements for Test Kitchen users as well as setting up a few new internal APIs for plugin authors to take advantage of. If you are using Test Kitchen via ChefDK, we’ll have new current channel builds of ChefDK 2.4 available shortly with it included, or you can hold out until the stable release of ChefDK 2.4 in ~two weeks time.

Driver Commands Removed

The kitchen driver family of commands have been removed. It was not recommended
to use them and it was judged to be more harm than good to leave them in. If you
regularly create new drivers and relied on the skeleton generator, check out
other code skeleton projects like chef generate,
and Cookiecutter.

kitchen converge -D

When you want to get debug logging for your provisioner or verifier, you can now
use the new -D (or --debug) command line option for kitchen converge,
kitchen verify, and kitchen test. Support has been added to the Chef provisioners,
avoiding the need to use the log_level: debug configuration option every time.

exec Driver

A new driver named exec is included with Test Kitchen which runs all the
provisioning and verification commands locally, rather than on a VM. This can
be used for testing on systems where you’ve already created the VM yourself and
installed Test Kitchen on it. Note that this is related but different from the
included proxy driver, which also connects to an existing server, but over
SSH/WinRM rather than running commands locally.

shell Provisioner command

Previously the included shell provisioner allowed running a user-specified bootstrap
script. This has been extended to allow specifying a command option with a
string to run, rather than managing a script file.

Faster Busser

The busser verifier has been improved to be faster on the second (or beyond)
verification, or in other cases where the required gems are already present.

kitchen doctor

A kitchen doctor command has been added, modeled on Homebrew’s brew doctor.
This currently doesn’t do much, but if you are a Kitchen plugin author, consider
adding more detailed debugging checks and troubleshooting help to your plugin
via this system.