Vagrant-omnibus v1.3.0

I just released version 1.3.0 of the vagrant-omnibus Vagrant plugin. You
can upgrade to the latest version by running:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus

This version includes a couple of exciting changes:

  1. Initial Windows guest support.
  2. Delayed Chef version string validation.

#1 is self-explanatory but #2 benefits from some background information.
vagrant-omnibus previously took advantage of the Vagrant plugin API’s
config validation hook [0] to ensure a user-provided Chef version mapped to
an actual Chef version. It also transformed a human-friendly version of
"latest" to a real Chef version during this validation.

This config validation hook has one undesirable side-effect: all Vagrant
commands would fail if a host internet connection does not exist. This
occurs for a couple of reasons:

  • vagrant-omnibus queries during the Chef version validations
    referenced above.
  • Vagrant performs config validation for ALL plugins at EVERY "vagrant"
    command execution!

This undesirable behavior has been fixed by delaying all vagrant-omnibus
validations until the execution of the actual “install Chef” action which
hooks after all Vagrant provision actions.

See the project CHANGELOG [1] for more details.


Seth Chisamore
Practice Lead, Release Engineering
IRC, Twitter, GitHub: schisamo