Abrasive language on the mailing list


I am really sorry that you are so frustrated and feeling stuck with
Chef. I am also disappointed and hurt reading some of the words
you’ve used in an attempt to work past this frustration and get Chef
working for you. We all want to see you succeed but need to have a
break from your messages on the mailing list.

Your continued use of language that is not considerate, respectful, or
professional warrants corrective action. As such, you will be removed
from the Chef mailing list for a period of thirty days.

Our Chef Community Guidelines
are in place to make the community a welcoming space for everyone to
participate. Your unprofessional language and seemingly little effort
to understand the challenges you’ve faced have led some people on our
list to simply filter your messages to the trash. This is clearly
something that everyone is capable of doing but I do not believe it’s
what anyone wants. Part of the reason messages are being filtered is
that you are exhibiting some of the textbook behavior of a “help
vampire” http://www.skidmore.edu/~pdwyer/e/eoc/help_vampire.htm.

Please contact me off-list at nharvey@chef.io. I’d like to see if
there is an upcoming Chef Fundamentals Workshop that we could invite
you to attend or some other opportunities to improve your experience
with Chef.

I am happy to discuss further with you or anyone else at just about any time.

Thank you,
Nathen Harvey
Community Ombudsperson