In my opinion, what should be happening

Posting new content here should be suspended. A new dump of the mailing list should be completed, and everyone NOT currently subscribed on the old list should immediately have “No notifications” set on this new site/list.

There shouldn’t be any more posting here until the folks that weren’t subscribed for notifications are removed. To do otherwise is to unnecessarily spam a lot of folks and generally leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Manual steps shouldn’t be required for folks to turn off what they weren’t getting in the first place.

That is the plan, I think Nathen is getting together the corrected subscriber list from the actual Sympa data and we’ll sync that in shortly. To everyone getting this that doesn’t want it, I apologize.

Glad to hear it, but that hasn’t been the communication so far from the team. So far the direction is how to manually remove the notifications, which obviously hasn’t been well received.

Mistakes happen, but instead of leaving this as-is (for now) I really think you should post the plan to do what you are working on as a site message, then take it down (or suspend posting) until the mistake is mitigated.

I agree the team from Chef has been a bit overloaded this evening. I’m doing my best from the community side to get stuff back in shape.


I have a full dump of all the old subscribed users.

I went ahead and disabled digests AND mailing list mode on ALL users.

I will import the old subscription info in later today.

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Bitches be bitching and haters be hating… Myself I was excited about the notifications! Shows there is still things going on in the community (and for the better).

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They will be back in a few hours :slight_smile: or you can speed it up by setting mailing list mode on in your user profile

100% agree. This was botched, the process should be started over – users
who were unsubscribed from the old mailing lists are still being spammed
withe very new post, and being forced to create accounts to unsubscribe.
One should NEVER be forced to take any action to unsubscribe other than
clicking a link. For that matter, they shouldn’t be resubscribed after

The threats are 100% legitimate, this is absolutely a crime as they’ve
unsubscribed from a prior mailing list and that request is not being

Agreed, it was absolutely a mistake and is being fixed. We apologize again for the email dump.

[resending, as apparently the traditional quotation indicator of
beginning a line with a greater-than symbol breaks the new Web UI]

On 10/13/2015 08:19 PM, bytheway wrote, “Manual steps shouldn’t be
required for folks to turn off what they weren’t getting in the
first place.”

Informing people of what changes would be needed for their mail
filters would have been helpful.

In my Sieve rules, I already had these:

elsif header :matches "list-id" "<>" {
  fileinto "INBOX.l.chef";
} elsif header :matches "list-id" "<>" {
  fileinto "INBOX.l.chef";

I added this:

elsif header :matches "list-id" "<>" {
  fileinto "INBOX.l.chef";

But then I found that some messages had a header field like this:

List-ID: <site>

Shortly thereafter, I was apparently unsubscribed.

This change from a mailing list to a Web forum is disappointing.
I suppose it’s to be expected during the September that never
. I don’t want to use a different UI for Chef-related
discussions than that which I use for all my mailing lists. I
check e-mail all day long, and I check multiple mailing lists in
the same interface daily or so. I’m not going to browse to
whatever Web interface each of those provides on such a regular
schedule. I want the entire archive in my e-mail account, where I
can search it using the same interface as all my other mail, cache
it offline for off-network use if necessary, etc.

It feels like a dumbing-down of a technical forum that can
reasonably be assumed to be comprised of participants who can
effectively manage mailing list subscriptions. We’ve been using
mailing lists for technical discussion for decades, and it works
quite smoothly when list maintainers and subscribers are not
afraid to inform newbies about the way things work.