Cookstyle 5.19 released with 2 new Chef cops!

Hey everyone,

Today Cookstyle 5.19 was released with 2 new Chef cops bringing the total to 160 cops! There's also a large number of important improvements and bug fixes for the existing cops. As always, please let us know if you run into issues or have suggestions for new Cookstyle cops at

2 New Cops


The ChefRedundantCode/GroupingMetadata cop removes the legacy grouping metadata from the metadata.rb file. This metadata was never consumed by any Chef Infra services and does not need to be defined.


The ChefStyle/OverlyComplexSupportsDependsMetadata cop cleans up overly complex methods of declaring supports or depends metadata via an array. This rule will detect and correct the array or each form of declaring this metadata when there are fewer than three items.

Overly complex metadata:

%w(windows apt).each |cb|
  depends cb

Simpler form:

depends 'apt'
depends 'windows'

Other fixes and changes

  • Various cops that remove legacy code no longer leave behind empty lines when autocorrecting.
  • ChefRedundantCode/LongDescriptionMetadata now properly autocorrects when long_description uses a here document (heredoc).
  • ChefDeprecations/UserDeprecatedSupportsProperty no longer fails to autocorrect when the supports hash uses Ruby 1.8 hash rocket syntax.
  • ChefStyle/FileMode now autocorrects file modes using single quotes instead of double quotes.
  • ChefSharing/InvalidLicenseString now autocorrects UNLICENSED to all rights reserved.
  • ChefModernize/AllowedActionsFromInitialize no longer alerts when appending into an existing @allowed_actions variable.