Meeting notes for Jan 16, 2020

This week’s releases

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Alright well let’s jump into releases. Since everyone at Chef was up in Seattle things are a bit light right now.


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Cookstyle 5.19 was released. This has 2 new Chef cops and a ton of fixes for some odd edge cases. We’ll probably see the work on Cookstyle start to slow at this point with future releases focusing more on handling edge cases and adding additional autocorrection capabilities:

Chef Workstation

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We also released Chef Workstation 0.14 which includes a ton of tooling updates security updates to git and openssl as some nice performance / package improvements.

If you’re still on DK you should update to Workstation, but if that’s not possible we’ll have a DK 4.7 and 3.13 release in the next few work days

Other updates


Alex Pop shared

Changed the market profiles first page from 0 to 1 to be inline with the rest of the APIs that support pagination.

Updated and added new compliance profiles, we are at 342 Available Profiles!

Made documentation improvements, manual and autogenerated.

Progressing with the EAS Dashboard work and getting IAMv2 close to GA.

All compliance API except control listing support InSpec Waivers now.

More refactoring and cleanup work.


cwolfe shared

The InSpec Team is up to:

  • Making plans for InSpec 5
  • Pulling in PRs adding Train support for Yocto and Kali linux (thanks Matt Ray!)
  • Working on telemetry opt-in
  • Fixed group resource membership duplication on MacOS
  • Updated the install / uninstall docs
  • Fixed documentation issues in the examples on sshd_config and ntpd_conf

Also, a public service announcement: If you use AWS or Azure resources, make sure you are using them by depending on the inspec-aws or inspec-azure resource packs (profiles). Avoid using the resources in the core InSpec project, as they are not maintained and will be deprecated. The resource packs have much broader features! If you have questions, ask in #inspec


sdmacfarlane shared

The Habitat team has been up to the following this week:

  • Getting the Event stream ready for GA
  • Bug fixes to plan-build and scaffolding on windows
  • Research spike on and proposal for handling cycles in our build graph (important for builder to build low level packages)
  • Improvments to docs, <3 Docs team


afiune shared

The Workstation team has continued working on Notarization of our packages for Catalina

Additionally, we have started exploring filtering of the chef-analyze reports to help users focus of incremental upgrades, rather than everything at once.

Finally, we started conversations about the future of this work, that is, how do we move from report the state of your infrastructure to remediate and upgrade.

Sous Chefs

Xorima shared

Over at Sous we have been playing a bit with github actions and have migrated half of our cookbooks over to actions for testing away from CircleCi, mainly because actions we can run 20-30 builds in parallel for free, if you want to know more come to our meeting in #sous-chefs straight after this meeting

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