FoodCritic 8.0 and ChefSpec 5.2 released

FoodCritic 8.0 and ChefSpec 5.2 have been released to Rubygems. Chefspec 5.2 made it into the last release of ChefDK and FoodCritic 8.0 will make it into the next release. Here’s the highlights:

FoodCritic 8.0

  • Removed support for Chef 11 (250,000 lines removed)
  • Requires Ruby 2.2.2 or later
  • Adds metadata from 12.14.89 and uses that as the default Chef version
  • Fixed a bug in which old style notifications with new Ruby 1.9 hash syntax would result in an odd error. This occurred if you ran Rubocop on an old cookbook before FoodCritic.

ChefSpec 5.2

  • Allow modifications to node object before converge
  • Fix makecache matcher for yum_repository