InSpec v1.24.0 released!


Hello, friends!

InSpec v1.24.0 is hot off the presses. The goodies include:

  • new feature: the oracledb_session allows InSpec to query and test an Oracle database
  • new feature: JSON formatter output includes the sha256 checksum of the profile contents
  • enhancement: Habitat profile packages include the busybox-static dependency so the port resource works correctly
  • enhancement: platform information about the target machine is included in the JSON formatter output
  • enhancement: Habitat profile packages use inspec from the path rather than unnecessarily calling out to hab pkg exec
  • enhancement: Windows auth now supported in the mssql_session resource (and docs added, too!)
  • enhancement: mysql_session resource now provides ability to connect to a database on a different host
  • enhancement: better error output if InSpec cannot parse an attributes YAML file

Phew! Lots of great stuff this week. Thanks to all our great community members for their contributions.

InSpec v1.24.0 can be found on RubyGems,, the Habitat Depot, and Docker Hub.