InSpec v1.39.1 released!

Two InSpec releases in one day? Say it ain’t so!

In addition to three new resources added, InSpec v1.39.1 fixes a bug introduced in InSpec 1.38.8 / Train 0.27 where we locked down the dependency of the net-ssh library too strictly. In our attempt to fix a different problem, we introduced a new one that would’ve caused some Chef users to encounter gem dependency failures when trying to install and use InSpec as part of their Chef run.

InSpec v1.39.1 brings in Train 0.28.0 which corrects this issue.

New Resources

  • windows_hotfix resource: test whether a Windows HotFix is installed #2178 (mattray)
  • etc_hosts_allow and etc_hosts_deny resources: test the content of the tcpwrappers configuration files #2073 (dromazmj)

Merged Pull Requests

  • Bump train to 0.28 to allow for more net-ssh versions #2185 (adamleff)

Thanks for using InSpec!