Knife-ec2 0.14.0 released

knife-ec2 0.14.0 release notes:

This release of knife-ec2 contains minor bug fixes.

Features added in knife-ec2 0.14.0

  • Added support to flavor list in json format using --format json option.

  • --security-group-id option to specify security groups for the server. This opiton can be used multiple times when specifying multiple security groups. e.g. -g sg-e985168d -g sg-e7f06383 -g sg-ec1b7e88.

Note: The --security-group-ids option will be removed in a future release. Use the new --security-group-id option.

We missed a change in the knife-ec2 0.14.0 release that bumped the minimum Ruby versions, which affects the minimum Chef client version (provided you’re using our packaging). You’ll need at least least Ruby 2.2.2+ with this and subsequent versions of knife-ec2, which means you’ll need to be using at least Chef 12.14+ or Chef DK 0.18+.

The changelog for knife-ec2 has been updated, sorry for any surprises.