Meeting Notes for June 16, 2022

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


Kiah shared
Ohai folks! Thanks for joining me for yet another community meeting.

Let’s kick things off with some updates for your educational viewing and reading pleasure:

Blog Posts to Check Out:
5 Best Practices for IaC Security
Pick up your Automation Strategy by Codifying your Endpoint Fleet

Upcoming Webinars:
July 6th- Pick up your automation strategy by codifying your endpoint fleet

Events to Attend:
Play ball with Chef Play ball with progress chef | Chef

  • June 22nd Texas Rangers vs Philadelphia Phillies @ 3:05PM - Globe Life Field, Arlington
  • July 26th Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates @ 1:20 PM - Wrigley Field, Chicago

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Sessionize - Call for Papers, Schedule and Speaker Management Software

Notes from leadership:

Ohai Chefs!
You are all valued Chef users, and we appreciate your insight and would like to make our product even better.

One way to accomplish that is to share your insights directly with our product team through this survey.

The survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete, and your input will be instrumental in helping us improve Chef and your overall experience.

Take the Survey

We are better together; thank you for your time and insight.

As a bonus and token of our appreciation, we are giving away 100 swag bundles to randomly chosen survey participants.

This week’s releases

Other releases

Kiah shared

Chef Manage 3.3.66 Released! This release upgrades Ruby to version 3.0.3 and Rails to version 7.0.3


Chef Automate

Ankur Mundhra shared

Hello community
Highlights of this week include:

  • Worked to improve scalability of systems on AWS Infrastructure
  • Documentation improvement of OpenSearch upgrade
  • Working to ensure that password of external MinIO Server will not be visible with config show command
  • Improved data collector handling of node data especially with network lag
  • Working to release Automate HA solution soon

Chef Habitat

mwrockx shared

Hello from Habitat!
This week's updates:

  • Fixed an on-prem data migration bug when updating on-prem builder from a release older than 8/2020
  • Investigating supervisor strategies for ARM and we are experimenting with a concept of "native packages" See

Proposal: Native Packages, enabling Supervisor service support for platforms without packages. · Issue #8501 · habitat-sh/habitat

  • Working on improving build order strategies and CVE remediation
  • Migrating off of old IPC rust crate fork and onto supported crate

Chef Infra Client

John McCrae shared

Greetings from the Chef-Client team! Updates for this week:

  • Welcome Bapu! Our newest Team Member reporting in from Pune!
  • We are working on clearing up issues with the AdHoc pipeline and the Windows builds
  • Working towards a chef-18 preview release soon

Have a good week everyone

Chef Infra Server

Lincoln Baker shared

Hello from Infra Server!

  • Upgrading Erlang to 24+
  • Investigating possible knife ec backup/restore issue
  • API design for server side secrets
  • Investigation Elasticsearch tuning - DONE
  • Investigation of knife tidy issue - DONE
  • Investigation of Redis failure - DONE
  • Investigation of Bifrost DB growth - DONE
  • Investigation of oc_reporting issue with Opensearch - DONE

Chef Workstation

Vikram Karve shared

Hi All! Here is what Workstation, Community Tools & Omnibus folks are working on

  • Done with proof-of-concept to enable Workstation GUI manage repositories & cookbooks.
  • Collaborating with User Experience folks on the screens and flows.
  • Continual fixes, updates and improvements being added to the test-kitchen plugins.
  • Updated numerous bento images across multiple OSes in VagrantCloud.
  • Planning phase- introducing support for building universal macos binaries in omnibus.

Sous Chefs

ramereth shared

Hello from the Sous Chefs!

Here's the list of new releases in the past week:

  • php - 9.2.0: Added testing/support for Ubuntu 22.04

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Hello from the Cinc Project!


  • Released 14.16.19

See you next week!

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