Meeting Notes for June 23, 2022

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


Kiah shared

Ohai folks! Thanks for joining me for another community meeting. Hope your week has been a productive one so far.

Let’s kick things off with some updates for your educational reading pleasure:

Blog Posts to Check Out:
What is Zero Trust, and Why Should We Care?

Upcoming Webinars:
July 6th- Pick up your automation strategy by codifying your endpoint fleet

Events to Attend:
Play ball with Chef !Play ball with progress chef | Chef

  • July 26th Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates @ 1:20 PM - Wrigley Field, Chicago

ChefConf ’22 is in 80 days! Grab your passes today!

Want to speak at ChefConf? Our call for speakers is open until July 1st!

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

Kiah shared

Automate version 4.1.3 Released! Chef Automate High Availability is now available with supported Public Documentation

Chef Infra Server

Kiah shared
Chef Infra Server 15.0.9 Released! In this release, the team switched the search engine used from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch.


Chef Automate

Ankur Mundhra shared

Hello community
Highlights of this week include:

  • Automate HA is generally available from Automate v 4.1.3 with public documentation – release announcement blog
  • Managed services of AWS RDS and AWS OpenSearch is supported from Automate 4.1.3 in both Automate and Automate HA
  • Updated compliance profiles: RHEL v2.0, MongoDB 3.6 v1.1, Windows profile updates
  • Working on releasing large compliance report support in Automate

Team Automate

Chef Infra Client

John McCrae shared

Good Morning Community from the Chef Infra team. Today reporting to you from sunny Lake Oswego, Oregon

  • We are working on fixing adhoc pipeline issues on Windows, FreeBSD and Notarisation by apple
  • Add functionality to zypper package for supporting source property. (PR)
  • Bug fixed: Mounting cifs shares with spaces in the device path is broken (PR)
  • Bug fixed: Fix cron_d job name character set (PR)
  • Add CONTAINER_IMAGE dist constant (PR)
  • Stop executing locale-gen on every chef run by adding -h flag (PR)
  • Continuing or work on getting a Chef-18 release ready to go

Have a great rest of your week everyone

Chef Infra Server

Lincoln Baker shared

Hello from Infra Server!

  • Upgrading Erlang to 24+
  • Testing internal Opensearch
  • Adding additional logging (authz_time, authz_count, URL)
  • API design for server side secrets
  • Released Infra Server 15

Chef Inspec

cwolfe shared

Chef InSpec Team:

  • Work began on Kubernetes infra for new kubernetes resources
  • Started work on k8s_configmap resource
  • Completed major work on podman train driver, now in integration testing
  • Started initial work on Enhanced Control Outcomes at the core level, ready to start on the reporter level
  • Major progress on the inspec suggest engine

Other updates

Notes from leadership:

A gentle reminder to take the Chef Product Survey.

Please ignore this message if you have already taken the survey, I sent out earlier. We look forward to survey responses from valued users like yourself as you help us understand how we can improve your Chef experience and increase the value you receive from our platform.


Reminder: We are giving away 100 swag bundles to randomly chosen survey participants.

See you next week!

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