Meeting notes for Mar 5, 2020

Below are the notes from this week’s meeting.


benny Vasquez shared

Hey all!

  • We are actively monitoring the situation around COVID-19 and the impact it has on our ChefConf 2020 attendees, speakers, sponsors and staff. Updates about ChefConf 2020 will be shared on and via our @chef Twitter account. For customers who cannot attend, our cancellation policy can be viewed on the site:
  • That said, as of right now we’re still on for both London and US! We’re planning 60+ breakouts, plus keynotes, workshops, and plenty of other events in Seattle and London.
  • Chef Live update! Ep. 2 “What’s new in Chef Automate”, with Nick Rycar and Natalie Fisher, is available to watch now at and next week’s episode will be on Friday the 13th at 11am PT. We’ll be discussing Gene Kim’s latest DevOps book, The Unicorn Project, so definitely tune in if you’ve read it!

This week’s releases

tas50 shared:

First off we released Chef Backend which freshened a large number of deps. New Java Elasticsearch, Postgresql, Ruby, Etcd, and Chef get everything to nice current versions. We also increased the amount of memory that ES will take out of the box from 1/4 of system memory to 1/3.

Chef InSpec

tas50 shared:

InSpec 4.18.100 shipped with fixes for several bugs related to Automate and Habitat:


tas50 shared:

Cookstyle 5.22 was released with 4 new cops. This also fixes a critical bug where types in attributes were being converted from TrueClass/FalseClass to true/false even though legacy attributes don’t support those values. This is the last of the Cookstyle 5.x releases. We’ve bumped the RuboCop engine to 0.80.1 on master which includes a large number of bugfixes and a few new cops .

Chef Workstation

tas50 shared:

Workstation had 2 releases back to back this week. This includes an updated version of knife-ec2 to fix the usage of AWS profiles, a new version of markdown lint with expanded MD support, and a revert to InSpec 4.18.51 to resolve a regression that shipped in InSpec. . That’s available on with homebrew and Chocolatey coming soon

Test Kitchen

tas50 shared:

We also released Test Kitchen 2.4. This release now automatically passes the CHEF_LICENSE env var from your workstation to the instance, making license acceptance in Chef Infra 15 easier. It also passes all other local ENVs to the instance with the TKENV_ prefix. Finally it has a new feature that allows you to copy files to your workstation from the test instance as part of the verifier. Thanks @Xorima and @stevenmurawski for these great new features


sdmacfarlane shared

Habitat released 1.5.50 this week.

Other releases

tas50 shared:

The yum-mysql-community cookbook 4.1.0 shipped with a fancy new resource for setting up the repository thanks to @stromweld

Java cookbook 7.0 shipped with a new adoptopenjdk_install resource that replaces the legacy (and broken) recipe. This is the first of many new resources coming to the Java cookbook with the goal being a full rewrite from recipes to resources for the various JDK flavors. Thanks Sous-Chefs and @damacus / @Xorima for that work

Other updates


Alex Pop shared

For the past week, we focused on these main epics: EAS Dashboard, Habitat Builder in Automate, IAM, Compliance, automated documentation, refactoring and cleanup.


cwolfe shared

The InSpec team worked on:

  • We fixed a problem in which the sudo password would appear to be ignored even if provided.
  • We resolved an issue in which profiles could not be fetched from an Automate server.
  • The release property of the platform resource no longer breaks for Chef Habitat with Linux.
  • We're working on updating the release documentation


sdmacfarlane shared

Hello from the Habitat team! This week has been pretty quiet, but there is one long-requested feature that is in code-review:

  • Bug fixes and tech debt paydown
  • Service Rollback feature in review!


mparadise shared

This has been an internally-focused week; other than the release(s) @tas50 mentioned, we spent time researching and experiencing the Chef Infra upgrade process in order to develop upgrade strategies. More details to come as this work closes out.

Chef Infra

tas50 shared

Alright well that brings us to Chef Infra. We have a few bits of work for Chef Infra Client 16 in flight. We’re working to update to Ruby 2.7 which has required some GCC updates in our pipelines since Ruby 2.7 is C99 not C90 like 2.6 was. We’re also cleaning up a large number of our resources. Many resources have been converted to custom resources using unified mode and bits of the DSL. Hopefully tomorrow or early next week we’ll have aarch64 RHEL 8 testers in place and we’re working on aarch64 Ubuntu testers as well to make Chef Infra Client 16 fully ARM capable. We’re also continuing to work on our Windows support. We’ve removed a lot of legacy code that was slowing down operations and are adding more Windows resources. On the Cookstyle style master is now bumped to 6.0 which includes the RuboCop 0.80.1 engine. This is considered a major bump since it renames a large number of existing cops and eliminates the whitelist/blacklist term in the config. If you’re not using a large .rubocop.yml this won’t be a noticable change for you.

prajakta shared

We have been continuing to make progress on the proof-of-concept for the external sigv4 library and fixing the regression for FIPS.

tas50 pointed out:

Sigv4 is a new requirement for S3 for those not in the know. It’s been fun.

Sous Chefs

john shared

Sous Chefs is going well - some cookbook releases:

  • ruby build, java, nexus

Join the Sous meeting after this one if you’re interested in learning more! All are welcome

Other Updates

BobChaos shared

Sadly nothing to report on my end this time, but I'm still planning on addressing the Windows bootstrap for 3rd party distros next

ramereth shared

On my end nothing much new other than doing a stable build of Cinc Auditor 4.18.100. @Tensibai mentioned he started looking at automate builds. @tarcinil is still waiting on a new release of go-libs which include some fixes we need

See you in next week!

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