Meeting notes for May 6, 2021

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


damacus shared

Welcome to this weeks Community Meeting, I’ll be steering the ship this week as benny is out doing the community roadmap right now ! Please feel free to jump over to that if that’s your cup of tea .

I’ve only got one bit of community goodness to share this week, but feel free to let us know of more in #devrel . @kmf made this vim plugin to help with Chef Cookbooks and InSpec and is looking for testers! If you want to help him out, give it a looksee:


Chef Automate

damacus shared

I’ll be doing the Automate release this week as @Ankur Mundhra can’t make it.

  • UI improvements on create and edit role
  • UI bug fixes on reset admin key, adding org and chef infra server
  • Edge case improvements and fixes on Environment tab - keyboard accessible buttons, no preview image if no attributes are available, etc.
  • Report export time has been increased to 5mins to ensure that larger sized reports can be downloaded
  • Documentation of roles and data bags

Some really nice improvements there on getting Chef Server into Automate.

Chef Infra Client

damacus shared

And I’ve got Chef Infra Client, as @tas50 is also on that webinar

  • Prepping the 17.1 release
  • Improved unified_mode to not fire when using chef_version_for_provides
  • Improved unified_mode to work properly with edit_resource
  • Added rocky linux detection to Ohai
  • inspec_waiver_file_entry resource is about to be merged

I for one am super excited to see the improvements in 17.1
There’s also a nice fix from @ramereth to fix the service resource state detection. So Chef doesn’t keep trying to start services every run.

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

Hello! This week we had some interesting pipeline failures that are now fixed.
We are primarily working on:

  • Rails upgrade to 6: We are seeing a very flaky failure in our test system on upgrading rails. We hope to get that sorted out soon.
  • Postgres upgrade to 12.5: The fresh install is passing but there are issues with pg_upgrade that we are currently trying to resolve.
  • Looking into reasons that could be causing reindex failures (related to
  • )
  • General updates around security and dependency updates.
  • Mtls: There are some issues related to the build env that is causing some failures. WIP to fix that.That is all for us! Stay well!

Chef Inspec

cwolfe shared

The Chef InSpec team is working on:

  • Documented the CI-CD system
  • Aliased the inspec compliance command to be inspec automate
  • Working on making inspec automate login actually verify the the credentials you provided
  • Documenting the toml resource
  • Investigating several edge cases involving require_controls
  • Re-enabled Test Kitchen testing of basic resources

Chef Workstation

Nikhil Gupta shared

Hello! Workstation team has worked on

  • Released workstation version 21.5.420
  • Removed the ‘--workflow’ flag in ‘chef generate cookbook’
  • Removed the ‘chef generate build-cookbook’ command

Currently working on

  • Building GO knowledge to work on the upcoming GO features and test cases.
  • Add test for the curl CLI

Sous Chefs

ramereth shared

Hello from Sous Chefs!

Here's the list of new releases in the past week:

  • apache2 - 8.11.0: Require Chef >= 15.3, Chef 17 fixes and fix service resource restarting the service every run
  • ark - 5.1.1: Added a version pin on seven_zip
  • seven_zip - 4.0.0: Require Chef >= 16, convert to modern custom resources, remove the default recipe and various fixes for Chef 17. Many other fixes, so please check out the change log

We are currently working on updating as many of our cookbooks to support Chef 17. This will include enabling unified_mode on all custom resources which requires having at least Chef 15.3 or newer. We have created a board on Github to track issues and pull requests during our weekly meeting.

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Hello from the Cinc Project!
Cinc Client

  • chef-shell now works properly (starting in 17.0.242 and whenever the next stable release of 16 happens) resolves client!30

Cinc Workstation

  • Released 21.5.420 via the unstable channel

Cinc Auditor:

  • Released 4.36.4 and 4.37.0 (just released in the last few minutes)

Other Updates:

  • Our next bi-weekly public triage meeting will happen on May 19th at 9AM PDT

  • Started looking into getting proper yum/apt repos setup

  • First iteration will not support signed packages

  • Current plans are to only sign new packages (once we have signing working in our build pipeline)

Other updates

damacus shared

One more thing from me.
I wrote a small Go tool this week for cloning or updating every repository in an org. Really helpful if you’re updating a bunch of things across your org

See you next week!

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