RFC for migrating mailing lists off Sympa

Hey again folks,

I’ve put together an RFC that proposes we migrate the mailing lists
off Sympa into Google Groups. [1]. This is something we’ve put off for
years [2] but now that we have a community process, I’d like to give
the opportunity for comment and then close it off.

If you could add any comments to the RFC that would be great. If there
are no major objections I would like to merge this at the next Chef
Developers Meeting.

One thing we are not looking to do is to run our own mailing list
infrastructure again.

  • Julian

[1] https://github.com/opscode/chef-rfc/pull/63
[2] http://archive.lists.chef.io/sympa/arc/chef-dev/2012-06/msg00029.html

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