Knife-ec2 0.13.0 released

knife-ec2 0.13.0 has been released. Please read the CHANGELOG for a list of changes. The below release notes for 0.13.0 are also available in the repository.

knife-ec2 0.13.0 release notes:

This release of knife-ec2 adds feature to bootstrap Windows instances over SSL without the need for users to provide the user-data. Also, it adds support for users to pass AWS config file option on the CLI containing the AWS configurations to read the config like region information.

Note: The bootstrap (over SSL without the user-data) feature for Windows is available only for Windows 2012 R2 and above platform.

Features added in knife-ec2 0.13.0

  • --[no-]create-ssl-listener option to add ssl listener on Windows instance to bootstrap the instance through winrm ssl transport without the need for users to pass the user-data. Default value of this option is true.
  • Support for ~/.aws/config file for reading aws configurations. Use --aws-config-file option for the same.
  • Support to read aws_session_token from ~/.aws/credentials file.
  • Support for ec2 classic link, options are --classic-link-vpc-id and --classic-link-vpc-security-groups-ids.
  • Support for m4, d2, t2 and g2 ebs encryption flavors.
  • Use --format json option to list the ec2 servers in the json format. Default output format is summary though.
  • Use --attach-network-interface option to attach additional network interfaces to the instance.
  • Added --disable-api-termination option to allow users to disable the termination of the instance using the Amazon EC2 console, CLI and API. However, this option won’t work for spot instances as termination protection cannot be enabled for spot instances.
  • Added --spot-wait-mode option to enable users to give their decision on CLI whether to wait for the spot request fulfillment or to exit before the spot request fulfillment. Default value for this option is prompt which will prompt the user to give their choice.


Our thanks go to contributor Quentin de Metz for adding knife-ec2:#322. This enables the support for Classic Link in the knife ec2 server create command.

Our thanks go to contributor Eric Herot for adding knife-ec2:#375. This enables the users to add additional Network Interfaces to the instance before the bootstrap process.