Meeting notes for October 28, 2021

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


benny Vasquez shared

Hello, @here , and welcome to yet another community meeting! This is our last one before the holiday this weekend, so happy holiday, if you’re celebrating! I’ll kick it off today with some non-project stuff.

Specifically, we’ve got three website-related bits of news.

  • we’re working on a rebrand for that will also include , but it’s limited to those two domains right now. It’s currently expected to launch next week, so keep an eye out for that! (I’ll drop screenshots in thread after I get a moment.
  • I mentioned before, but wanted to say again: we’re working on restructuring our website content with a focus on how users interact with the content across / / / and all of the other properties, with a goal of starting real change later this year or early next year, and we need feedback! If you’ve got opinions, I’d love to involved you. We’re meeting Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern US time. Wanna come? Just let me know which email address you’d like the calendar invitation sent to, and I’ll get you added!
  • will be migrating to new hardware on December 1st. This WILL involve downtime . We’ve got all the details laid out here:

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

benny Vasquez shared

Chef Automate 2 also got an exciting release this week, too! With this release (in addition to a ton of security and UI updates) Data Feed is now out of Beta! It’s got two different kinds of integrations, and we’ve got a slew of supported platforms, so definitely check that out and put it to work: Automate 2 version 20211020062000 Released!

Chef Infra Server

benny Vasquez shared

Chef Infra Server 14.10.23 was released with a pile of security improvements along with new API capabilities for Policyfile users: Chef Infra Server 14.10.23 Released!

Chef Infra Client

benny Vasquez shared

Chef Infra Client 17.7.22 was released as well: Chef Infra Client 17.7.22 Released! Thanks to @jasonwbarnett , @tecracer-theinen , @gep13 , @wheatevo , @qubitrenegade , @tomhughes , and @knightorc for contributing to this one!

Chef Inspec

benny Vasquez shared

Chef InSpec 4.49.0 was released, but our automated script didn’t post the updates. cwolfe will be posting the release notes later today!

Other releases

benny Vasquez shared

Chef Supermarket 4.1.28 released. It’s a great release with a small regression fix, a ton of security enhancements, and some general user experience polish. Take a look here: Chef Supermarket 4.1.28 Released!

we also saw a quick bug fix release for when Chef Manage was 500'ing in some cases: Chef Manage 3.1.83 Released!

Oh, and @tas50 updated pretty much ALL of the bento boxes, so take a look at those as well.


Chef Habitat

mwrockx shared

Hello from Habitat! This week's updates are:

  • Openssl 1.0.2 and cacerts packages released Monday
  • Making progress on next core-plans refresh
  • Working on tool to auto version bump core packages
  • Finalizing Mac M1 hab CLI support
  • Will be deploying a public builder release today:
  • Fixes edgecase where some releases are not included in view
  • Fixes issue where "main" github branches do not auto build
  • Includes some upcoming support for Mac M1 Hab cli
  • Working on HA on prem builder support
  • Working on bug where a connected plan file has a different package name from the builder package name

Chef Infra Client

benny Vasquez shared

Tim’s missing this week due to a conflict, so I’ve got a short update from him for Infra Client:

  • Shipped 17.7
  • Working on improving windows performance
  • Working on improving compliance phase for existing audit cookbook users

Chef Infra Server

benny Vasquez shared

I’ve got the Infra Server update, too! @prajakta was nice enough to pass it along earlier today.

In the last week we released Chef Infra Server 14.10.23. Please find the release notes at Chef Infra Server Release Notes

We are continuing to work on adding automation for postgresql testing in our integration test pipelines.

We have started looking into the issue with reindexing on upgrading to Chef Server 14 ( Chef-Server reindex failure. · Issue #2894 · chef/chef-server · GitHub )

Work on trying to identify the load and CPU spikes on the versions > 13.x of server continues. As a part of that work, we are building a load test setup for Server.

That is all for us!

Chef Inspec

cwolfe shared

The Chef InSpec team has been working on:

  • Adding support for Alpine Linux as a target
  • Exploring adding support for podman
  • Improving support for using private supermarkets
  • Putting together a webinar on InSpec
  • Working on our roadmap for 2022

Chef Workstation and Community Tools

Vikram Karve shared

Hi All! Here are the updates from the Workstation & Community Tools team this week..

Ready for release

  • Go based changes in chef-cli to adopt the Cobra framework
  • Workstation App version info issue


  • Validating the fix to Workstation App auto-start on login issue
  • Fix for knife bootstrap issue is close to done. Most of the windows script code replaced with powershell script, except one scenario.
  • We've taken up few test-kitchen issues for fixing
  • The brand new Community Tools team continues with their onboarding into Chef Infra

New initiatives

  • We've begun identifying what telemetry data is sent via workstation already, and what more could be added.
  • We'll shortly start planning around moving knife supermarket to the chef CLI.

Sous Chefs

ramereth shared

Hello from Sous Chefs!

Here's the list of new releases in the past week:

  • kubernetes - 2.0.0
    • Enabled unified_mode for all resources
    • Dropped support for Chef < 15.3
  • lvm - 5.2.0: Use default Chef source for gems
  • tomcat - 5.0.0
    • Enabled unified_mode for all resources
    • Dropped support for Chef < 15.3
    • Updated java test cookbook dependency to < 11.0.0 (previously was <= 6.0.0)

I'm also working on adding support to CentOS Stream to the yum-centos cookbook along with fixing/doing an adoption release of the nfs cookbook

after that I'll be looking at the xinetd cookbook for a release

Unrelated to Sous Chefs, I finally added support for CentOS 8 to the OpenStack cookbooks

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Hello from the Cinc Project!

Cinc Client

  • Released 17.7.22

Cinc Auditor

  • Released 4.49.0

I'm going to try and find some time in the coming days/week to look into getting Cinc Server going again.

Other updates

ramereth shared

We now have a centos-stream-9 dokken image available for those wanting to test the early development of that release

And the centos-stream-8 image now uses the official upstream image as the base instead of doing a centos-8 -> stream conversion

See you next week!

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